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Testimonials – Before and After Pictures

Testimonials and Steve working at the Wealden Dental Practice

Steve also works with other members of the dental team, mainly at the Wealden dental practice on a Tuesday afternoon. This case the dentist needed to extract some teeth Steve then fitted the teeth he had made to replace them this was the result

beforedentures3-300x225     afterdentures3-300x225

BEFORE                                                AFTER


Some of our other work – DENTURES

beforedentures1-300x225    afterdentures1-300x225

BEFORE                                               AFTER

 BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES – DENTURES at the Wealden Dental Practice

If you do have any questions or would like to call us feel free, our details are on the right hand side of the page. We work with some of the leading dentists locally and nationally, making beautiful dentures, to look natural and give you back something to feel proud of wearing.

Testimonials from Local Clients:

Dear Steve,
It is three months now since my new denture was fitted and I am writing to say how delighted I am to be able to smile and eat with confidence once again.
As expected it has taken a while to get used to this larger plate and to be able to feel comfortable with it but I have had no soreness or discomfort from it at all even in the first few days,it was the size after being use to a horseshoe design that was the hardest thing now it feels simply a part of me! I wonderful testament to your good work.
But I really wanted to thank you for your patience and friendly manner during my visits to your practice You made what was, for me, a very anxious and embarrassing time, almost a pleasure!!
With many thanks and best wishes from Mrs K


Recently I needed a new denture, I was recommended by my dentist to visit Steve Burrett who is a clinical dental technician( CDT). After making an appointment for a consultation I met Steve and after a chat and seeing theLaboratory/clinic set up, agreed for him to make me a new denture. I cannot praise Steve and his organisation enough . I felt comfortable and totally at ease with his manner of examination . The end product proved excellent.
I would not hesitate to recommend him and his organisation to anybody requiring comfort and  an attractive result following his workmanship


Dear Steve,
I am writing to thank you for your great care and attention when making my new denture.
I was so impressed with the measurement ,fitting process and the time and care you were willing to spend getting the denture just right.
I have certainly never had such a successful outcome in the past and I shall definitely always use your services in the future.

Liz H


SB denture design Ltd was recommended to me by my dentist to have a whole set of new dentures made. A full denture for the top and a partial lower denture.
I was treated very well by Steve he was so thorough, patient and really had to get everything right before we went ahead with anything. My course of treatment was a real pleasure, I am so very pleased with my new dentures and can go back if there are any problems, although I can’t see any problems at all.
I highly recommend anyone needing new or any alterations to dentures to go and see Steve Burrett.
A few days after having my teeth fitted they are great, I have no pain and they look completely natural. I can talk and smile now with confidence.

Mrs Jean G.