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Director Steve

I was inspired to become a dental technician by my uncle who was a dental surgeon . As a child I was always working with my hands making models . My uncle….

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Samantha Ball

I began with a 5 year apprenticeship in the most reputable dental laboratories in the South West of England. Working in the laboratory and studying at Southampton City College….

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David Kendall

In 2001 I started my apprenticeship to gain my Diploma in Dental Technology whilst working at SB and did so until 2006. Keen to expand my skills and knowledge as a technician….

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Jennifer Eldridge

I was inspired to become a Dental Technician during my work experience at S.B Denture Design, there I discovered a great talent and a natural interest in dental technology….

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Nicola Jarvis

I started work at SB as a delivery driver over 20 years ago. I was always good with my hands and found the manual dexterity needed for the job of dental technician seemed to suit...

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Bobby King

I was made aware of the job vacancy at SB by my parents who had worked for the lab for many years. As I was unhappy with my previous employment, I decided to apply at SB….

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